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If you need a certificate of participation for EARIE Milan 2014, please send an email to earie2014@unibocconi.it before SEPTEMBER 15. After that date, the email will no longer be read.

The Venue

EARIE Milan 2014 will take place at:


Universita’ Bocconi
Via Guglielmo Corrado Roe
ntgen, 1
20136 Milano


EARIE Milan 2014 will take place at Bocconi University, which is located near the "Navigli" (canal) district of Milan and about 15 minutes walk from the world-famous Piazza del Duomo, considered to be the heart of Milan.


Getting to Venue

Milan has an extensive network of trams and buses and a very efficient and easy to use underground system. 


Bocconi University is easily reachable both on foot and with public transportation from any of the main hotels / sites based in centre of Milan.


To find out how to get to the EARIE Milan 2014 venue from your hotel or from anywhere in the city center, please click here (ATM - public transportation company). Please insert the address of your hotel / point of interest and Universita' Bocconi. The nearest public transportation stops to Bocconi University are the trams stops of “Porta Lodovica” (tram line 15) and “Bligny Lodovica” (tram line 9).


If you use public transportation, the fare for 1 ticket (duration 75 minutes) is €1.50. Tickets can be bought in most shops where you see the "T" sign above the door (T stands for Tabaccheria) or at newspaper stalls on the streets. If you are using the underground, tickets can also be bought at machines near the turnstiles. Tickets cannot be bought onboard. Please remember that the tickets must be inserted in the ticket machines on board / at turnstiles and validated. Ticket controls are frequent and fines for not validating tickets are heavy.


For the more adventurous participant, Milan, like other numerous cities, offers a bike-sharing service - BikeMi. All information on the service can be found here


To view a map of the area and the main tourist points of Milan, please click here


EARIE Milan 2014 Onsite

All contributed and invited sessions will be held in classrooms on the ground, first and second floors of the “Velodromo” building of Bocconi University campus. This building is accessed through the main campus entrance of the iconic Grafton building, inaugurated in 2008. In a short time the Grafton building has become one of the most talked-about and visited modern buildings in Milan. 


The plenary lectures will be held in "Gobbi - Aula Magna" in the original building of Bocconi University, in Via Gobbi 5, a 2-minute walk from the Velodromo.


All coffee breaks and lunches will take place in part of the Bocconi art gallery, located on -2 floor of the Roetgen building. There are lifts down to this floor. 


To take a virtual tour around Bocconi University campus, please click here

A map of the buildings used for EARIE Milan 2014 at the Bocconi University campus is available on the inside back cover of the Conference program.


Registration and Information Desk

The registration and information desk is located to the right of the entrance in the Velodromo building.

The operating hours are as follows:

Friday August 29         10:00 - 19:00

Saturday August 30     08:30 - 18:00

Sunday August 31       08:30 - 18:00


Luggage and Cloakroom

There will be an attended luggage and cloakroom in the Velodromo building available to EARIE Conference participants on Friday August 29 and Sunday August 31 and will observe the following hours:

Friday August 29     10:00 – 18:30
Sunday August 31   08:30 – 18:30

There will also be an attended luggage and cloakroom in the Roentgen exhibition area, location of the EARIE Milan 2014 Welcome Reception, which will be open from 18:30 until 21:30 on Friday August 29 (during the Welcome Reception)


Information Board

General announcements, last-minute changes and updates to the program will be displayed on the message board next to the Registration and Information desk.



Exhibition Area

The exhibitors will be located near the Registration and Information Desk in Velodromo


WIFI Access
In the Conference venue, you will be able to access the Internet using your own device. The username and password for access to Bocconi wifi (network "wifi-guest") will be printed on the back of your name badges.
All users who have access to the Eduroam wireless network should preferably use this network.


Printing Documents
Any participants wishing to print out documents during EARIE 2014, are asked to send the files as pdf attachments to earie2014@unibocconi.it at least 4 hours before needed. The organisers will then print these out and the print out can be picked up from the Registration and Information Desk (please make a note of the operating hours above). The organisers WILL NOT print out presentations and papers.


Use of Mobile Phones

Please note that the use of mobile phones during contributed, invited and plenary sessions is forbidden, and furthermore, participants are reminded that they must be turned off to avoid interference with technical equipment. 


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