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Invited Sessions
EARIE 2014 Milan will include a number of invited sessions in the program. These are:
Friday 29 August
  • Platforms and Policy
Multi-Sided Platforms, Resellers, One-Sided Platforms and Vertical IntegrationAndrei HagiuHarvard Business School
Negotiated Input Prices in Intermediated Markets  Robin Lee, Harvard University
  • Law and Economics
Market Definition, Market Power, and Competition PolicyLouis Kaplow, Harvard Law School
Bundling and Quality AssuranceKathy Spier, Harvard Law School
Saturday 30 August 
  • Selling Mechanisms
Screening on Time of PurchaseJames Dana, Northeastern University
The Properties of Product Line PricesDavid Myatt, London Business School (co-authored with Justin P. Johnson, Cornell University)
Designing Auctions When Entry is Endogenous and SelectiveAndrew Sweeting, University of Maryland, 
  • Inside Organizations
Birth of a MultinationalMaria Guadalupe, INSEAD
Managing the Family Firm: Evidence from the Use of Time of CEOs, Raffaella Sadun, Harvard Business School (co-authored with Oriana Bandiera, London School of Economics, and Andrea Prat, Columbia University)
Sunday 31 August 
  • Advice
Nonlinear Incentives and the Suitability of AdviceRoman InderstGoethe University Frankfurt and Imperial College London
Does Competition Promote Disclosure?Navin Kartik, Columbia University (co-authored with Frances Xu Lee and Wing Suen)
  • Patents and Cumulative Innovation
On the Direction of InnovationHugo Hopenhayn, University California, Los Angeles (co-authored with Francesco Squintani, University of Warwick)
Patents and Cumulative Innovation: Causal Evidence from the CourtsMark SchankermanLondon School of Economics (co-authored with Alberto Galasso, University of Toronto)
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